MilitaryHomeLink.com (MHL) is a resource for many different areas of military living. The online housing application can easily and quickly be completed. Uploading and delivering forms (Orders, LES, copy of ID card) from a computer folder, CD, or flash drive is done quickly without having to re-key personal information. In order to be accurately placed on the waitlist, you must submit documentation required by the Housing Office. The wait-list-time can be shortened when all required documentation is submitted by accessing the housing application. The online housing application ensures immediate e-mail acknowledgement from MilitaryHomeLink.com noting the receipt of all documents sent through MHL. Once you have created a MHL account to access your stored data it is easy to send any housing related documents quickly.

Captain, Fort Meade

Being in the military for 12 yrs and having plenty of PCS's under my belt and the pain of a PCS move for me and my family, I am glad you came out with the MHL document center. I am on a short tour to Korea right now and the convenience of this web site is AWESOME, being 14 hrs ahead of my next base I did not have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night to try and get a hold of somebody and set up housing issues. The website is very easy to navigate through and the quick response from the housing folks was astonishing. This has been a great experience for me and my family and has saved me a lot of time so I could direct more attention to other aspects of my PCS. Thanks MilitaryHomeLink.com and keep up the great work.

TSGT, Holloman AFB

The service was awesome! My family and I were traveling from Korea and having our paperwork submitted electronically was a HUGE benefit. It saved us time as well as the worry of possibly losing our paperwork during transit. When I arrived at my next duty station everything was already submitted and in the works which allowed me to get a house on base in a much FASTER timeframe. Thanks MHL!

SGT, Fort Bragg

Great service and very friendly!

E3, Fort Bragg

I am very happy with the FT Meade Family Housing Program. The process was very easy and understandable. I just had to answer a few simple questions on their website application about my family members and my income. And within a day, I got a confirmation email saying that I qualify. The experience was fast and simple.

G6, Fort Meade

Very simple process! Makes it easier to get the documents there instead of having to wait to send them in the mail! Speeds up the process!

E3, Fort Riley

The MHL Document Center was great it allowed me to remotely send all my documents so I could arrange for my housing at my next station. I missed one document, was notified through the system, I uploaded, and the next day I was contacted for my house. I appreciate the ease of arranging everything from the comfort of my house.

E3, Fort Meade

I was amazed at how easy and FAST the application process was. It took me a matter of 5-10 minutes to complete the application and upload any documents that were available to me at the time. I think I completed it in the morning and got a response by early afternoon telling me that my application was received, was being processed and what was still needed. The Specialist stayed with me every step of the way until all documentation was provided and completed and I then got the notification that I was on the waiting list. The entire experience took about 2-3 days. I am quite confident that I will continue to get the same treatment prior to the start of my PCS move. Thank You so much for making this easy and it's good to know that I have one less thing to worry about..!!

E7, Fort Bragg

My husband is deployed and I'm currently finishing up college classes. The application process on-line was SO easy I was able to get everything together and sent without disrupting my classes or work! Now we are on the waiting list for a on-post home and I've yet to set foot on Campbell.

E4, Fort Campbell

The new system in place has make things easier for me, especially being here in Iraq. I am able to upload information from my computer and send it.

E4, Fort Riley

It was very helpful. Step by step instructions made it easy to send in the necessary documents to make sure that my family was taken care of before we even started the move.

SGT, Fort Campbell

MHL Document Center is a great innovation. My last PCS using the system has been my best move. I have PCS'd seven times.

Captain, Fort Polk

MHL Helped my family greatly by providing accurate and timely information for my move.

SGT, Fort Polk

I appreciate the fast and accurate job you did for me during the move from Arizona to North Carolina. Your people did their job in perfect way and professional way, thank you for this.

SPC, Fort Bragg