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Hello and welcome to (MHL) for all your PCS housing needs! If you have received your orders to PCS and care to live on-post/base, MHL publishes most of the military housing applications within CONUS. In addition to the delivery of your completed housing application at your next post/base, you can send the all required documents to the housing office. That means, you can complete and deliver the housing application along with required documents with just a few clicks of your mouse!


The first step is to sign-up by creating your account. By establishing an account, you may begin the simple process of submitting your housing application. In addition, MHL can store your data so the next time you PCS and wish to live on post/base housing, simply access your account, select your next post/base, update any changes, and send!

Apply For Housing

As mentioned, MHL has contact information with just about every housing office within CONUS. If we don’t publish your next destination and need additional information on how to apply for housing, simply call us at 401-943-3300 Mon-Fri 9:00am-4:30pm (Eastern Time Zone) and a representative will gladly assist you!

Uploading Required Personal Forms

Most housing offices require additional documents besides the completed housing application. That’s why our software allows you to upload and deliver all of the required forms. This means once the housing office has the required documents such as your: LES, Orders, marriage certificates, etc. means you can get on the Wait List much faster and more efficiently. From time to time, the housing office modifies their document requirements without notification. If you are required to deliver additional documents, please contact us so we can update the information we publish for those military families who shall follow.

Check Status of Housing Application

Once your housing application and all personal required forms have been submitted, the leasing office on post will process your application. Once you are approved and assigned an address you can log back into your account to get your address and view online.

Discount Services

MHL has developed relationships with 3rd party vendors that offer a variety of services related to your upcoming move, including military discounts on Cable TV, Internet, Phone, DirecTV, Auto Insurance, Online Continuing Education, and Moving Services.