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Our Mission is Simple

Assist our military during a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) through the following methods

  1. Provide an easy, seamless, and secure platform to apply for housing on post.
  2. Provide military only discounts on core services such as utilities, cable, internet, and phone.
  3. Integrate you into your new community prior to your departure.
"Simplifying And Easing The Process of Military Relocation since 2005"

What is MilitaryHomeLink.com?

MilitaryHomeLink.com began in 2005 and was inspired by The Technologically Connected Home Study, a research project approved by the Department of Defense and conducted by Boston University. The objective of the study was to learn how military families use technology in their homes for work, learning, and entertainment. One aspect addressed in this study was technology use for transition management--how families prepared prior to, during, and after the military relocation process. MilitaryHomeLink.com is meant to complement existing government resources in providing military families with tools to facilitate a smooth transition as they PCS from one post/base to another.

On Post/Base Housing Documents

In cooperation with many of the larger RCI privatized partners, MilitaryHomeLink.com has developed online Document Centers where military families in the early stages of the PCS process can apply for on-post/base housing online. In addition, families can use the system to deliver any additional forms to the housing offices at the time of application, ensuring their placement on the waitlist in real time. With MHL, you can apply for housing the same day you get your PCS orders.

Throughout the MHL network of over forty (40) military installations and bases, families may access their digital records through their on-line account. This means the required information for the housing application and other forms is automatically provided each time a document is submitted through a user's profile, using 256-bit encryption to keep all private information secure. Filling out housing applications using one of MHL's Document Centers is literally a matter of a few clicks. Although each property or RCI partner has different requirements for housing, MHL tracks these differences for our members, further reducing the stress associated with the PCS process. We even offer military moving tips and information on PCS regulations. Holding an account provides each of our member's access to a network of over 60,000 homes on 40+ military installations and bases.

Lease Execution

MilitaryHomeLink.com provides the applicant the ability to digitally sign the housing application, ensuring a completed document set gets delivered to the leasing office on-time... everytime.

Other Services

MilitaryHomeLink.com has procured relationships with many vendors in order to alleviate the added stresses of moving. These vendors are licensed, willing, and able, to assist those who assist us. Some examples of what you can do through MHL.

  • Movers - Schedule your mover to arrive at your house on your departure date
  • Storage - Find local storage facilities surrounding your next base and reserve online
  • Auto Transport - Hire a company to transport your automobile for you
  • Boxes - Need moving boxes? Let us ship them to you
  • Auto Insurance - Update your car insurance and receive military specific pricing
  • Cable - Save up to 40% on Cable, Internet, and Phone service when ordering through MHL

Local Information

MilitaryHomeLink.com recognizes the recently relocated family's need to learn more about their new neighborhood. Our portal helps families learn more about their new communities even before they've physically relocated. Access to information about a new locale prior to departure enables our users to make informed decisions before arrival. Public school test scores, climate, extracurricular clubs and activities for children, and local entertainment options are just a few of the facts MHL users can learn in advance.

If you can’t find the information you need on our website, please call us at 401-943-3300 Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm. We’ll be glad to assist you prior to, during, and after your PCS.