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Thank you for stopping by to learn more about Our overarching goal is to provide dynamic and educational information geared toward personnel families involved in military relocation.  Military Home Link understands that since frequent relocation is an integral part of Army living, access to military relocation information becomes more valuable than ever. 

The information contained in this module helps transitioning Army personnel and their families gain insight about their community prior to relocation from their current installation.  Having access to information about your next installation prior to your departure enables you to make informed decisions before your arrival.

Once you and your family are settled into a new community, MHL continues to serve as a valuable ongoing source of helpful information including self help articles, new technology and parenting tips, and many other topics including......



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"The site is very well laid out, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye.  Your site is packed full of information.  I can see that it would be a valuable source of information to anyone in the military.  You are providing a great asset to the military community with this site! "

-Lynn Cunningham Dec 2006


Connected Home Study

A research project approved by the Department of Defense and conducted by Boston University in order to assist in easing the burden of military relocation.

Community Resources

Receive up to the minute information on local events using our Community Calendar. Receive helpful hints regarding the surrounding area in our Community Forums.

On-Site Housing

For those involved in military relocation, MHL has provided a section of information regarding your local military housing developers and important contact information.

Military Relocation

Moving? MHL provides you with local and dynamic information that eases all facets of military relocation experience whether it be school test scores or state climate information.